9 November 2014
295 words • 1 minute

As long as Lisa can remember, they have had Bruno in their house. Bruno is the German Shepherd that her parents brought home as a pup when she was 2. They practically grew up together, and became best buddies. They used to play, run, go for walks together. She would take care of feeding him. Sometimes they'd sit and eat next to each other.

Lisa was now 9. She could swear that Bruno understood all of her commands. "Fetch", "roll" and "play dead" didn't even scratch the surface. He'd know when to go for a walk, and come running when called for dinner. Lisa wished there was a way she could understand what he had to say.

Christmas was approaching and her parents were planning to get her a new bicycle for present. She had grown taller and her older bike now fell short, quite literally, for her.

It was Christmas eve. After having dinner and wishing everybody good night, Lisa went to bed. Before falling asleep, she made her wish. "Please make me able to understand what Bruno has to say", she muttered with closed eyes and folded hands. And off to dreamland she went.

Next morning, Lisa woke up to see the Christmas tree finally decorated and lit up, and many boxes of presents underneath it. It might have one of the new video games she's wanted. "Merry Christmas, honey", said her mother. Suddenly Lisa remembered something. She started looking for Bruno. She called out his name, "Bruno!". Maybe he's still asleep. She started walking from room to room searching for her best friend. There he was, underneath the bed. "Bruno, wake up. It's Christmas", she said. "Na und? Ich bin nicht Christlich", replied a gruff voice. Bruno turned his head and went back to sleep.