Going Static

10 April 2014
212 words • 1 minute

After running the site on an EC2 machine for the last ~ 2 years, while simulaneously writing on various blogs (mostly because I was afraid of losing data); I've finally decided to go static.

I figured I wasn't making use of the benefits of having a Linux box at my disposal; and what I was running could easily be run on a static host.

I landed on Wintersmith after going through a couple of static site generators. It felt clean, simple and powerful enough for my requirements, so I figured I'd give it a shot. After importing my blog posts from the personal and technical blog, here we are. I'm planning to make the deployment process a bit easier.

Also, I might have lost all the emails sent to my personal email address in the last few months because I didn't set up the MX records in DNS settings; because I assumed someone would take care of it. I didn't bother checking since it is not my primary address and I rarely, if ever, use it.

The background image was clicked in Nainital in Nov'13 when I was visiting home for Deewali. You can find the link to the theme source at the bottom of this page.

You can find the code for this site here.