9 June 2014
154 words • 1 minute

Someone said some rude things to me, which made me unhappy.

Today it hit me that I wasn't unhappy because what the words were; they were not true to begin with and I always knew that. I was unhappy because I did not expect that person to say those things to me.

It is not a revelation to me; in fact I might have imparted this wisdom on some poor soul at one time or the other. It is just that we all need reminders from time to time.

Attachment makes people get to know and come close to each other. It also can result in pain if there is a mismatch of expectations.

While allowing yourself to become vulnerable is an integral part of the process of getting close to someone, we should remind ourselves that it is a choice we make, and are at all times in full control of how we choose to react.