At The Airport

4 November 2014
157 words • 1 minute

In the midst of the hustle of the busy airport, he noticed how lonely he was. The human brain is a wonderful thing. Even having people all around us can make us feel lonelier than when we are in true solitude on top of a mountain. People walking around with their trolleys, kids munching on to fast food and sipping cola from paper mugs, the shops all lit up, inviting people to come in and buy things they probably don't need very much. The old people in the wheelchairs being dragged around by relatives or servants. Curious kids running around the lounge. The airline staff talking around with their luggage. Just another workday for them, an emotional moment of separation for many. Many hopeful faces talking around, probably looking forward to their stint ahead in life, looking to get indulged in what lies ahead.

So many colors, so many faces, so many forms. So different, yet connected somehow.