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The Painting

07. May 2017

He was on the floor, whimpering like a madman, jittery as an addict on high-octane cocaine, trying to arrange the pieces of shattered glass with his splinter-ridden hands.



25. November 2016

Life is continuous – or at least has been ever since it first started (landed?) on this planet. You wouldn’t be reading these words if that weren’t the case.



10. November 2016

[UPDATE: So much has changed since I wrote this, that I don’t know which reality we are living in anymore.]

[WARNING: Regardless of which way you lean, this post might hurt your feelings.]


Chrome Autofill and Payment Gateways

31. March 2016

Google Chrome has an autofill option which comes in very handy while entering personal details like email, name, address etc. Lately, they have added a Credit Card option that allows you to autofill your card details.


Self Help

20. November 2014

I have been a fan of self-help books in the past.



09. November 2014

As long as Lisa can remember, they have had Bruno in their house.