Only once

August 10, 2011

So I watched 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara'; and loved it!

I believe we all need reminders, to be brought back to our senses from the madness of the ever-running world to make ourselves realize that life is not a race. Far from it, its a beautiful journey that we are taking and we have to remember to enjoy ourselves. If we don't do that, all we would be left with would be fleeting memories and regrets of what could have been a wonderful journey, if only we had realized it in time. This reminds me of a beautiful story that I read. Will try to quote it below.

It's dawn and he is walking by the seashore. The sun has not yet risen, and the surroundings are semi-dark. Its been a bad season. Not many fish are left anywhere near the shore, and he can't risk taking his old, frail boat to the deep waters. He doesn't know whether it will manage to stand the waves for long.

If only he had money. He would buy a big boat and catch more fishes. He would sell them to earn enough money till he doesn't have to catch fish for a living anymore.

Suddenly he noticed a small pouch lying near his feet. Intrigued, he picked it up. Maybe it contains some money that could help him live a better life. His dreams would then come true. In a combined state of excitement and nervousness, he opened the pouch.

Damn, it's just a bag of pebbles. What a waste. He started cursing God for never giving him something of value while other people were living a rich and wonderful life. Its plain unfair. That's what life is. In disappointment he started throwing the pebbles one by one into the sea.

He is destined to live a poor life. Once the sun comes up, like every other day he will take his boat into the sea to catch some fishes. That's what he is going to have to do this for the rest of his life.

Probably some kids were playing with this bag of pebbles. Maybe this was their make-believe money bag. Thinking of kids made him sad. He wants to raise a family. But he can't. He's barely able to feed himself with all the uncertainty in life.

Many times he prays to the Almighty, although he has no idea whether such a thing exists. He has never seen Him ever. He has only heard from his parents that He listens and grants you the deepest desires of your heart if you ask with a true heart.

Then he thought about the people who had been trying to make him change his 'religion', whatever that meant. They told him their God was true and others were liars who were trying to take advantage of him by telling him to follow other Gods. This was something he never understood. For one thing he was the last person someone would gain something out of. He had no money and not many people knew him even in his neighborhood.

When this happened to him a couple of times, he started telling them he did not believe that God existed, and that he had no interest in their ideas. This kept those God-salespeople away and he resumed to his life where his God was someone whom he talked to when he felt lonely. He shared his plans with him, asked him for money and a better life and everything; but nothing seemed to work. Slowly he himself started believing that God indeed was just a fragment of imagination and nothing else.

The bag of pebbles feels lighter. Looks like it's been long, since I've thrown almost all of them into the water. Also dawn seems to be breaking. There are traces of light on the horizon.

The pebbles are almost finished. He emptied the pouch on his palm. Three pebbles remaining. He threw another one into water. The Sun is visible on the horizon. Its starting to get brighter with the red first light of the day. Maybe I should get ready to take my boat. This is early morning and not many people would be out in the sea. I might get enough fishes worth buying myself a couple of days of food. He threw another one. If only God had been more just to me. The Sun has risen to show his full round self. The surroundings have turned yellow like gold.

Just as he was about to throw the last pebble, he noticed something strange about it. It was glowing and transmitting the light coming from the Sun. Wait, is he seeing correctly? It. Can't. Be. A diamond? He had heard about them that with a single one of these you could buy yourself a house, or a year worth of food. I can't believe I threw hundreds of these into the sea. What a fool am I. When God gave me what I had been asking for, I didn't realize what it was till I was left with but a speck of it.

I have tried to keep the soul of the story intact while making changes. If you're unable to get the analogy, get in touch :-)

And FYI, I'm ready for another visit to the multiplex to watch the movie again. Let me know ;-)