Another weekend

August 07, 2011

Haha.. gotcha! Misleading title indeed. :D

So its Friendship Day. I am again overflowing with thoughts and emotions about a lot of things and people (happens to me from time to time, especially on such occasions). I did not go ahead and text people 'Happy Friendship Day' for a reason- I wanted to wish each of them personally instead of just forwarding a message (no offense meant to anyone). Now as it happens, this might unravel over a period of time in the coming days. Don't mark my words though. It all depends on how much time I am able to take out to compose each one of those messages, and also on how long this enthusiasm lasts :P

Nevertheless, each of my friend means something different and special to me. The beauty of this World is that everyone is so unique that you never run out of things to be amazed about and learn from others, if you want to, that is. I thank God for every experience I have ever had in my life, regardless of whether at that point of time I considered them to be good or bad. In retrospect, everything eventually turns out for the best. We just need the faith and the patience to see it.

I was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S today and realized that I need to revisit the series. That's a good thing, right? :) I also realized something else. I tend to have an emotional quotient of a character from a romantic movie. Don't get me wrong. I am in total control of my emotions and everything. Its just that sometimes I feel that the intensity of emotions in me happens to be higher than that in 'normal' people. I tend to get close to people quicker than the ones who have their 'guards' up. I also get a vibe sometimes that that is interpreted by some people as me 'hitting' on them. Well, that's their way of thinking. I can't do much to change it. Although I don't deny that I (for obvious reasons) am on the lookout for 'the one' as it happens to be. Just want to say that I happen to be the guy I pretend to be. I hate hypocrisy and two-faced people and I'd rather not be one of them.

In other news, I'm off to watch Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Peace out!