March 27, 2011

I know, the title sounds lame. But this is the only time of the week that I get for myself (or so I used to think till recently, when I realized I had not been managing it well. I'm working on it, but that makes for another story). Right now, I'm trying to focus on this weekend which, was as un-happening from the outside as any of the 60-odd weekends in the last year, but still there was something to it I just can't ignore.

Now, while I'm not the one to rant or crib about my life on my blog, I just want to share some of the realizations I have been having in the last couple of days. I always try to be a student, someone who learns something from each of his experience. And I think that's what this post is chiefly going to be about.

I was not feeling awesome when the weekend started. I guess I had gathered some emotional baggage, most of it, now that I can see, was totally needless and pointless. And I think I've been playing an uber-emotional fellow for so long that I had led myself into believing that's who I am. And after that things just happened the way my mindset was, and I spiraled myself into some emotional complications which, as I priorly indicated, were totally unneeded.

Friends, as they say, are precious. And this was no different a case. I was brought back to my senses thanks to the counselling sessions (lets call them that) by a very dear friend of mine. In addition, to feel good I started watching '[Scrubs]' and that did it. Two days later, I'm my jumpy self again. And I guess there always are lessons to be learnt. So from this story I learnt a little bit of what relationships are REALLY about, and what makes them work.

[Can't think of what to add.. maybe later :) ]