Writing from Pune

August 13, 2010

Yesterday finally I got to do what I had been meaning to do for quite a while now - visit Pune. :P

With so many of college people out there and almost no one having time to travel between places (atleast that's what they tried to imply) ;) I figured I'd do the needful if I had to meet those busy souls.

Upon reaching here today morning after a 19-hour journey, it was pleasant and awesome meeting Nikunj (abhi tak I have met only him :) ), after more than a year, as it happens.

But as it wasn't an off for him, he left for work; leaving me all by myself, with his laptop. While I tried indulging in watching various TV series and movies (trust me, I did :P ), I somehow just ended up falling asleep only to be waken up past 1600 hrs to wait for him to be back, which, I'm hoping happens ASAP.

I know it wasn't much of content to be posted on my blog... but then this day made me re-realize something. The very fact that we all have been knowing for eternity by now.. that humans are strictly social beings... and that explains why one of the toughest punishments of all times used to (and probably still continues to) be solitary confinement.

And one more thing: books and music are two of the best buddies in loneliness. Trust me. :)

Ciao for now!