April 22, 2010

Hey fellas! That's rite... We've moved. Now we're found chiefly on our homeblog... presence at other locations may or maynot be relevant. It'd be good if you check beforehand.. :P After going thru an export-import cycle; I finally managed to get my blog posts back to home... Then the tweaking of look-and-feel began and, I guess this is the outcome... for now!!

Today I got another awesome book from office.. God I so am in love with the Usability book that I already had... and now this frickin compendium of JS from O'Reilly... No wonder I love reading! :P A bit of technical stuff: I apologize to all the frameworks which, I wrongly used to think, were no more than something that eases your work; which, for me, implicitly implied that only "aalsi" category of people would be using them.

Now that I have been using a few of the really great ones at work, I have come to realize that it is not only about the ease; it is about standardization, and super-efficient code-reuse... which, by the way, are key factors in today's application development scenarios.

My latest addiction: Two And A Half Men... n its hilarious, I tell ya!

With these changes and a couple of realizations regarding social networking and related phenomena, I guess I will be frequenting my blog and socializing sites more often than I previously used to..

If there's too much randomness in the text, pardon me for that. Word of the day: Entropy.