What's happening

March 27, 2010

Wow, people... I really apologize for my regular procrastination in updating the blog... but this time, all I can promise is that I will try to be back as soon as possible, without giving you any false hopes on when that will be...

As I have went through a lot of stuff in the meanwhile... the story in short after the last post has been thus: I moved back to my hometown, swine flu was on a rampage at that time, the death toll had really mounted high.. Celebrated my birthday and Diwali @ home while prepping up for the CAT n other management entrance exams... moved to Delhi at the end of November to give all those tests which happened to be in the month of December for the most part... It was then that I discovered The Secret.. thanks a lot Tapas bhai.. I can never thank you enough for this...but then, as they say, everything happens for a reason. I'm saying this because my very good friend and colleague Nikunj recommended The Secret to me when we were still at college. Do you know the best part? I got the movie, gave it to hime and not once tried to watch it, despite his repeated prodding me to do so...

My saga continues.. Then I gave the CATs and moved to Bengaluru.. felt like it was calling me and this time was THE TIME when I would land on something. Not just something for the sake of it, but something solid and substantial. Something that can make me feel like I'm actually doing what I love to do, in a manner I wish to do it... The Secret was in action.

I reached Bengaluru and stayed with my friends who were already working with Accenture by the time. And I started looking for a job. Fast-Forward two months, and I am working with MobileMotion Technologies, a startup that creates stuff that makes mobile internet experience easier, faster and hassle-free. And did I tell you that I love my job, the stuff I work on and my coworkers are simply amazing guys... each of them a Rockstar in his field, I thank Lord so much for giving me the perfect company and working environment.

I've moved in with my college senior, Shivansh, who's also one of my colleagues at MM... the new place is closer to the office and, needless to say, is WAY much better than the PG I used to live in..

Life's going great. Thank you friends. Thank you Rhonda. Thank you God. As they'd say at McD's- I'm lovin' it!

That's my story guys! You say what's up at your end?