To, Knol

November 30, 2008

You guys might be wondering what’s with this surge of enlightenment amongst the final years that’s been keeping them on their toes working so hard to bring out a mag such as this. Well, the excitement of being a creator, that’s known to all of us, constitutes one of the prime reasons for the same. Yet it’s not all, far from being the heart and soul of the matter.

Well, as the legend goes, our dearest friend Nix (this being the Linux version for Nikunj; derived from good old buddy Tux, the Linux mascot penguin – courtesy me, although his pet names like ‘Niks’ (mark the difference!)or ‘Lambu’ already were in existence) came up with the stupendously superb idea of publishing an e-mag that’d carry the informal as well as formal stuff pertaining to college happenings and activities. An e-mag was a good choice due to many a reasons quoting all of which is neither necessary nor required here. A few of the many would be the easy distribution, the almost priceless (either way!) creation and best of all- on-the-fly readability. That’s really brilliant, my friend.

Well, being an avid reader (interested in the details? Check out my Orkut profile) I considered penning something down for the mag, first edition, but sadly, lazy as I am, could do little to bring my thoughts into action. Nothing new in it, I’ve achieved flawless perfection in postponing things with official deadlines to the last possible extent. But the summary of it all was that I was pretty much unable to be able to be featuring my name in the volume 1 of KNOL (MUCUR’s been missing me so much for all the same reasons all this while). I finally figured out that it’s time to be up-n-running or it’s a now-or-never situation for me. And this is the first write-up that I’m composing.

As I couldn’t figure out what to write, so here I am.

Congrats to the KNOL team for all the good work. And hey guys, could u try making it more informal? After all, it’s OUR mag pals. And to Nikunj, hats off dude. Keep up the good work.

Take care. Hoping to be able to extract all the more fun from the upcoming issues, yours truly.