A new era

November 30, 2008

First of all, I'd very much like to thank Nix for reawakening my interest in writing. Had it not been for his recommendation, I wud never've started wid this stuff. Thanks mate.

Well, its a matter of yesterday (literally so) that our Jawans have eliminated all the terrorists and freed the hostages held captive in the luxury hotels of Mumbai, namely, the Taj, Trident and Oberoi. After a continuous firing of 50 or more hours and loss of lives of more than 100 people (the casualties includes foreign tourists, VVIPs and not to forget, the Chief and other Jawans of the ATS - the Anti-Terrorist Squad, were they finally able to free the hostages. There were bombs planted in the hotels, to add to the destruction. Parts of hotels were destroyed.

The attack is finally over, but it left scars on the face of Mumbai, and India. The citizens are not secure in the elite hotels, forget about the general public living in their crowded colonies and those in the markets and crowded spaces such as railway stations, metros, buses, et seq. The transportation is insecure, the hotels are insecure and so are our homes.

This happens just days after Mumbai suffered another attack - that of the Mumbaikars. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and Raj Thackray happen to be causing enough harm to the secular, socialist, republic image of our Nation. The Maharashtrians arebeing mislead by these demagogues who are making all the profit out of befooling and murdering innocent people.

This might sound a bit too harsh, but India, in my opinion, needs a Dictator for the time-being. The person should be someone who can think about National interests, sidelining his personal interests. Then only wud it be possible to bring about a true change in the face and the fate of the Nation.